AFF U18/U19 Championship 2019

The AFF U19 Championship 2019 is the competition between the twelve member of associations of ASEAN Football federation. The AFF U19 Championship 2016 starts from 6 August 2019. The Cambodia National Football Team Under 19 plays in Group B with Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos and Australia. While group A contains Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Timor Leste and Philippines. The matches is in two stadium in Hanoi, one is Vietnam Youth while an other is in Training Center.
Check out the full Results AFF U19 2019, Schedule AFF U19 2019 and table standing.

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AFF U19 Championship 2019 results

AFF U19 Championship 2019

Final AFF U19 Championship

Final AFF U19 Championship

Semi-final AFF U19 Championship

Semi-final AFF U19 Championship

See the full Results of AFF U19 Championship 2019. Which country go to the next round? What team is the champion this season?

AFF U19 Championship 2019 Table standing

Group B AFF U19 Championship 2019


What is the score of your national team? Check out both table standing of the Asia youth football tournament in season 2019.

AFF U19 Championship 2019 fixtures

AFF U19 Championship

See the full Calendar of AFF U19 Championship with time of Cambodia.

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