Cambodia Bookmaker reviews

Cambodia Bookmakers Reviews

Get to know the comparison of the top online bookies in Cambodia.

Best Promotion in Cambodia

Ranking Bookmaker Bonus Bonus Type Live Streaming
bet365 logo
$ 200 bonus offered free bet, first bet without risk Yes claim now
2 188bet betting $ 100 bonus offered 1st deposit No claim now
3 dafabet logo $ 100 bonus offered 1st deposit No claim now
4 unibet logo $ 60 bonus offered 1st deposit Yes claim now

Review below is about the language and deposit withdrawal minimum amount. The best bookies of bonus is but doesn’t has Khmer nor Asian Language. So you may need to use English or google translate. However, is very Khmer Friendly service with very good promotion.

Register, Deposit and Withdrawal with Online Bookmakers

No Bookmaker Mini Deposit Currency Language Payout time Bet Sites
1 188bet betting $ 5 EUR, GBP, KHD, MYR, THB, USD, JPY, KRW, BRL, RMB, BRL and IDR Khmer, English 1 day
2 855bet logo $ 10 EUR, RMB, USD, THB, IDR, VND Khmer, English 1 day
3 dafabet logo $ 10 RM, IDR, INR, USD, EUR English 1 day dafabet.cpm
4 bet365 logo $ 10 ARS, HKD, RMB, AUD, HUF, RON, BGN, INR, SEK, BRL, ISK, SGD, CAD, JPY, THB, CHF, MXN, TWD, CZK, MYR, USD, DKK, NOK, ZAR, EUR, NZD, GBP, PLN English 1 day supports Khmer langue. The website is good but doesn’t have promotion frequently. So if you are traveling different country or not sure about system deposit we recommend you has live chart in English and Khmer or you can call direct to customer service in Cambodia plus easy deposit system.

Verify Identity with Online Bookmakers

Why do I receive an E-mail to verify my identity? There are 2 reasons that bookmakers ask you to verify your identity.
-First reason is when you withdraw money from your betting account for the first time. All of the online bookies will ask you to send them the copy of your ID Card, driver licence, recent utility bill, your bank transaction… when you deposit money from your account for the first time. They do to know if you are real person and all of the information you give is correct.
– Second reason is bookmakers suspect your identity. If 2 different accounts use same IP (same computer) or 1 account suddenly take thousands USD; it makes bookmaker suspect if the account is fake or something wrong (people hake) the account.

How to do verification Identity

Online bookmakers may send you email to ask for require document as copy of your ID Card, driver licence, recent utility bill, your bank transaction… What you have to do is to verify your identity or you may lose you account and money in there.
How to do it faster?
When you decide to play money with online bookmakers, you should prepare all require document in advance. Example you scan or take picture of all the requirement document then save them in a safe device/folder. when you get the email for verification your identity you can send the document to them directly.