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How to Deposit with Dafabet from Cambodia

Here we will try to be clear on what we know about how to deposit money to Your Dafabet Account, the methods of Cash-in/Cash-out. Here are some fact about Dafabet’s Deposit and Withdrawal:
– Currencies: EUR, MYR, THB, GBP, RMB, USD, IDR, SGD and VND
– Method: Skrill, Neteller, Ecopay
– Minimum Amount: 15 USD
– Maximum Amount: 100,000 USD
Neteller is the easier way. We recommend you create an account with www.neteller.com and deposit money to your account there. It’s safe and you can cash-out your money by Neteller Master Card.

Step 1: Log In your Dafabet Account

dafabet cambodia deposit
Create an account if you don’t have by this link. Then click on Deposit menu.

Step 2: Select your Deposit Method

It’s not only Dafabet that provides payment option by Moneybookers. Many bookmakers license UK also use these option. It’s safer than Visa/Master card directly.
Like we mention above, only Neteller and Skrill are the Payment Options of Dafabet. If you don’t have one of this two, please go to the website of Skrill.com or Neteller.com to register there before you come back to Dafabet.
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We suggest you to Neteller because it’s faster.

Step 3: Complete all information required

For the first time deposit, the form will be like the picture below. You need to read our exlanationa carefully since it’s little bit confusing.
deposit dafabet by neteller-explain
First of all you need to complete what part of your account you want to put money. For example, I want to deposit 100 USD in my Dafa Sport. After, need to complete all of these:
1. Neteller: It’s the method you deposit, so if you have an account of Neteller don’t worry about it.
2. Payment Nickname: It’s your Dafabet’s Username, not Neteller.
3. Neteller Account ID: The numberic ID of Neteller not emial address. When you log-in Neteller you will find it in your profile.
4. Neteller Security ID: The 6 digits of Neteller for secure your account. If you don’t remember it, log-in Neteller and reset.
5. Login Password: Here is the password of Dafabet account, not neteller.
6. Continue: when you click continue, there will be a pop-up page to let you confirm your Neteller account (Email/Account ID and Password). Just after a few second you balance in your account.

Withdrawal Method of Dafabet

dafabet cambodia withdraw

Because of there are only few option to deposit, it’s also same for Withdrawing. So if you have Neteller account, then it’s not the problem.
Before you cash-out, prepare some document like ID Card, Passport or Driver License, A bank statement (optional), Something to show your address is real like Electricity bill or water. When your document is ready, it fasten the verification process.
*Note: Withdrawal takes longer time then deposit, please be patients.

Official Website: www.dafabet.com