metfone cambodian league

How many foreigner players play in Cambodian League

There are 13 clubs that play in 2020 Metfone Cambodian League. Only National Sport Academy (Bati U18 FC) and Electricite du Cambodge don’t have foreigner players. For this season, each club have foreign player between 4 and 5 players. In total there are 53 foreigners play football in Metfone Cambodian League 2020. They are Afganistan, Amerian, Brazilian, Cameroonian, Colombian Croatian, Ghanaian, Ivoirienne, Japanese, Nigerian, South African, South Korean, Thai and Uzbekistan.

Japanese players are the biggest foreign in 2020 Cambodian League. There are 16 Japanese players who are playing in MCL 2020. They are in every team of League 1 Cambodia except Visakha FC, Bati FC, Electricite du Cambodge and Kirivong Soksen Chey. Soltilo Angkor FC that is known the team of Siem Reap has 4 Japanese who are Unno Tomoyuki, Kento Fujihara, Fumiya Kogure, Kota Motoyama. Angkor Tiger FC which is based in Siem Reap province has 3 Japanese players and a Japanese Manager Mr. Yusuke Shinoda. The 3 player are Yudai Ogawa, Takaki Ose, Joichiro Sugiyama, Boeungket FC also has two Japanese who are Hikaru Mizuno and Kenta Yamazaki. Yuta Naruse and Kiduko Naoto who play in Nagaworld FC. Other teams which have only one Japanese players in are Kanta Asami (Asia Euro), Tomohiro Masaki (National Police), Daisuke Kobayashi (PKSR), Masaaki Ideguchi (PPC FC), Mikito Endo (TIFFY FC).