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Keisuke Honda to lead Cambodia’s National Team as General Manager

New Cambodia’s National Team coach

who is Keisuke Honda?

Keisuke Honda has recently been appointed as manager and coach of Cambodia’s national team. Keisuke Honda is a Japanese football player and he won’t be given any salary for the term of 2 years. This news came as a shock to many fans as Keisuke Honda is not trained to be a coach. He might be a good footballer, but he lacks any formal coach training. Even newspaper doubt this decision.

How does Honda work?

Mr.Honda recently plays with an Australian club, and he will keep on doing that. But he will be using his right hand man, Felix Agustin Gonzalez Dalmas. Felix will directly coach the Cambodian team and if some problem happens, then Keisuke Honda will sort things out with video calling. If the schedules of Australian games doesn’t collides with Cambodian games, then he will personally come to guide the team.

Honda’s Responsiblity

Keisuke Honda can also enter the pitch as he will also be national team delegation. Apart from being a coach, he will also have another responsibility. He will be promoting Cambodia’s travel agenda. He will definitely have to be help in diplomatic advertisements too.

Honda grows football in Cambodia

Keisuke Honda was a Japanese National player that came to Cambodia in 2016 during the match of Cambodia against Japan. Even though Japan won the match, Keisuke Honda has started Football School in Siem Reap called Honda Soltilo Soccer School. His intention is to grow the Football scenario in Cambodia. One of this Football club is known as Soltilo Angkor. This club plays in Metfone Cambodian League 2018 and Hun Sen Cup 2018.

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