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All the news about Metfone Cambodian League, the football news of best Khmer players playing in League 1 Cambodia.
Here is all news of Cambodian League, the rumors of transfers one club to an other, as well as the confirmation, video interviews of actors, players, coaches, the League’s matches and events, friendly match between each clubs of Cambodian league.

Week 3 Cambodian League 2019

metfone cambodian league

Schedules Week3 metfone league Week 3 of Metfone Cambodian League 2019 Schedules for 6 April 2019 There are 3 matches of Metfone Cambodian League on 6th April 2019. Electricite du Cambodge – National Sports Academy at 3:30 pm in EDC stadium. Asia Euro United FC – Soltilo Angkor FC at 3:30 pm in AsiaEuro stadium. […]

metfone cambodian league

Professional Footballer opportunity 2019

Can I be a professional footballer in Cambodia Can I become a football players in Cambodia? The answer is...
metfone cambodian league

When Cambodian League 2019 starts?

Is Metfone Cambodian League 2019 starting now? The first week of Metfone Cambodian League 2019 will be on 9th-10th...
metfone cambodian league

Nagaworld the Champion Cambodian League 2018

Nagaworld and the journey to Champion Who scored the final match of Nagaworld vs National Police Who did their...
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What happens with Teams of League 1 Cambodia 2018

What happens with the team of Cambodian League? Before the new season starts, we see all teams and player...
national defense 2017

Who scored the final of Cambodian League 2017?

Who scored in the final of Cambodian League 2017? As we all know Boeungket is the winner of Metfone...
boeungket champion cambodian league 2017

What does the winner of Cambodian League get

What does the Champion of Cambodian League 2017 get as the reward? What about the prize of the Runner-up?...
nagaworld national defense

What is Play-off Metfone Cambodian League 2017

In season 2015, there was play-off for Metfone Cambodian League, but in season 2016 there was no play-off. How...

BoeungKet Angkor FC will play in TMCC 2017

After the match Metfone Cambodian League week 22 on 2nd December 2017, Boeungket Angkor is the top fist team...