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Who wins the FIFA World Cup 2018?

World Cup 2018 predictions winners

The FIFA World Cup 2018 first week is starting. Therefore, we would like to share what we think about this biggest football competition about who will be the winner. To find out the winner we need to find out who will be on the top rank of each groups first and each step to the final matches.

Winners of Group A to Group H

Winner of Group A: Russia; runner up: Uruguay
Winner of Group B: Spain; runner up: Portugal
Winner of Group C: France; runner up: Australia
Winner of Group D: Argentina; runner up: Croatia
Winner of Group E: Brazil; runner up: Switzerland
Winner of Group F: Germany; runner up: Mexico
Winner of Group G: England; runner up: Belgium
Winner of Group H: Poland; runner up: Japan

Teams will plays in quarter-finals

The 8 teams that make to World Cup 2018 quarter-finals could be: Russia, Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England and Poland.

Teams will go to semi-finals

The matches of the semi-finals could be between France vs Brazil and Spain vs Germany.

Who will be the winner, runner-up, 3rd&4th place of World Cup 2018

The winner and runner-up can be Germany or Brazil, the 3rd place should be France while the 4th place should be Spain.

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