boeungket champion cambodian league 2017

What does the winner of Cambodian League get

What does the Champion of Cambodian League 2017 get as the reward? What about the prize of the Runner-up? will the 3rd team get something?

3rd place prize

Preah Khan Reach Svayrieng is the 3rd place team and get 36 million Riel.

2nd place prize

After lose penalty, National Defense is the runner up of the Cambodian League 2017. The team gets 46 million Riel.

Champion Metfone Cambodian league

After 13th Penalties, Boeungket wins over National Defense 10 – 9. The winner of Cambodian League is Boeungket Angkor FC. The price is 60 millions Riel with the Cup, and the golden medals. Boeungket also qualified to play in AFC Cup 2018.

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