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Hugo Lloris

Tottenham HotspurTottenham Hotspur FC First Team

Profile sheet

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Origin Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris, born on (date of birth) in (city) in (country), is a footballer (international or not) (nationality) who currently plays in post (field position) with Tottenham Hotspur FC First Team.

Qualities Hugo Lloris

Enjoying a (quality) ball in the foot, he shows himself as capable (quality) of his team's play as of (quality) in important matches.

Career Hugo Lloris

Arrived at (club) in (season) to complete his training, Hugo Lloris Persian at (level) at post (field position). It is considered (hope).

He won the trophy for (best) player of (season).

Role within the team Player
Position Goalkeepers
Age 36 Years
Height 188 cm
Weight 82 kg
Nationality France
Birthplace Nice


Matches played 3
In 0
Out 3
Goal 0
Penalty 0
Yellow card 0
Double Yellow card 0
Red card 0