Bahrain vs Turkmenistan AFC Asian Cup

AFC Asian Cup Qualification 2023

Watch the football match Bahrain National Team Turkmenistan National Team live Streaming

Bahrain Turkmenistan date and time of the live match

Watch live stream the match Bahrain National Team Turkmenistan National Team or follow the evolution of the live score AFC Asian Cup. View the lineup, summary, stats and odds comparison for the soccer game of the Tuesday 14 June 2022 at 9h15 as well as the promotions of the day on this meeting.

Match status — Match ended

Tuesday 14 June 2022 — 9h15

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Live Score Bahrain National Team Turkmenistan National Team

Line-up Bahrain National Team


Hélio Sousa


Abdulla Yusuf Helal
Abdulwahab Al Malood
Ali Haram
Ali Madan
Amine Benaddi
Mohamed Marhoon
Rashed Al Hooti
Sayed Dhiya
Sayed Jaafar
Sayed Reda Issa
Waleed Al Hayam


Abbas Ayyad
Ahmed Abdulla Ali
Ammar Ahmed
Ammar Jaffar
Hamad Al Shamsan
Ibrahim Al Khatal
Jassim Al Shaikh
Komail Al Aswad
Mahdi Al Humaidan
Mahdi Ali
Sayed Hashim Issa
Sayed Shubbar

Line-up Turkmenistan National Team


S. Seýidow


A. Amanow
A. Annadyrdyýew
A. Ataýew
A. Bashimov
G. Annaguliyev
G. Movlamberdi
M. Orazmuhamedow
R. Hojayev
R. Khalmammedov
W. Ylýasow
Z. Babajanow


B. Akmamedov
B. Babaýew
B. Begmyrat
B. Rejebov
E. Tagaýev
H. Hojovov
M. Annayev
M. Saparov
M. Titow
R. Japarow
S. Nurmuradov
Y. Saparmammedov

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Goal van  Abdulla Yusuf Helal
replacement of  W. Ylýasow
By  M. Annayev
replacement of  Ali Haram
By  Jassim Al Shaikh
replacement of  R. Hojayev
By  H. Hojovov
replacement of  R. Khalmammedov
By  S. Nurmuradov
replacement of  A. Amanow
By  B. Begmyrat
replacement of  Abdulwahab Al Malood
By  Mahdi Ali
replacement of  Sayed Dhiya
By  Komail Al Aswad
replacement of  Ali Madan
By  Mahdi Al Humaidan
replacement of  Sayed Reda Issa
By  Abbas Ayyad
replacement of  S. Nurmuradov
By  E. Tagaýev
R. Al Hooti