Battambang Super Cup

Battambang Super Cup 2023

Battambang Super Cup

Battambang Super Cup 2023 Live

You like sport and more particularly Cambodian provincial football and want to know all the dates and times, the scores of the matches of the Battambang Super Cup?

Do you want to watch Khmer football matches and more particularly one of the matches of the Cambodian provincial competition named Battambang Super Cup 2023?


Battambang Super Cup Live Match

Choose according to your wishes among the links of the matches of this 2023 competition season "Battambang Super Cup", one of the matches of the day or the next weekend on, view the summaries and the team compositions to know the list of players on the game sheet.

When is the Battambang Super Cup 2023 played?

No less than 16 provincial teams are competing for the "Battambang Super Cup 2023" this year. This new trophy is played from July 29, 2023 to September 17, 2023.

Where is the Battambang Super Cup 2023 being played?

Dewey football club Krong Battambang

Stadium and field address: Dewey football club Krong Battambang

GOOGLE address of the stadium and pitch: 36V7+6JV, Krong Battambang

Battambang Super Cup live next matches

Discover on the menu link "next live matches" the list of the next ten matches of the "Battambang Super Cup" competition for the current season, the dates and times of the matches, the names of the clubs or football teams playing soon. Click on one of the links to watch the result of the live match of your choice, consult the match summaries as well as the lineups of the two teams to see the squad of players present on today's match sheet.

Battambang Super Cup schedule and results

Find on the menu link "calendar and results" all the Battambang Super Cup competition matches for the current season, click on one of the titles like "Group Stage - 1" ( first day of the group) or "Finals" (final phase), then on one of the live match links, to be able to consult the match summaries as well as the team compositions

Battambang Super Cup Ranking

Follow on the link of the menu "Ranking" all the positions of the football teams competing Battambang Super Cup for the current season divided into four groups: group A, group B, group C and Group B. Provincial football teams are ranked by number of points.

Group compositions

Composition of group A

UYFC​ Ek Phnom FC, 5th Military Zone FC, 7T7 Football Club and DOUNTEAV​​ SMILE.

Composition of group B

FOX ZONE FC, Green Army FC, Battambang Military FC and BANANA FC.

Composition of group C

Old Age BTB, UYFC Sangkae, Khla Chas FC and Youth Village FC.

Composition of group D

Battambang United, Pet Yiey Chee FC, Toul Ta Ek FC and Jruk Prey FC.

Group A

# 1 Points
5th Military Zone FC 5th Military Zone FC
# 2 Points
UYFC​ Ek Phnom FC UYFC​ Ek Phnom FC
# 3 Points
# 4 Points
7T7 Football Club 7T7 Football Club

Group B

# 1 Points
# 2 Points
# 3 Points
Green Army FC Green Army FC
# 4 Points
Battambang Military FC Battambang Military FC

Group C

# 1 Points
UYFC Sangkae UYFC Sangkae
# 2 Points
Khla Chas FC Khla Chas FC
# 3 Points
Old Age BTB Old Age BTB
# 4 Points
Youth Village FC Youth Village FC

Group D

# 1 Points
Battambang UTD FC Battambang UTD FC
# 2 Points
Toul Ta Ek FC Toul Ta Ek FC
# 3 Points
Pet Yiey Chee FC Pet Yiey Chee FC
# 4 Points
Jruk Prey FC Jruk Prey FC