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Phnom Penh Crown FC
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Phnom Penh Crown Football Club

Since 2001

The club

Phnom Penh Crown Football Club

Phnom Penh Crown FC (In Khmer: ក្លិបបាល់ទាត់ភ្នំពេញក្រោន) is a Cambodian professional football club founded in 2001, based in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, in the ASIA AFC soccer zone. Its first football team plays in the Cambodian Premier League (Metfone C-League), the highest level of football competition in the kingdom. The team A is led by the Ukrainian coach Oleg Starynskyi and plays its home matches on the lawn of the "Smart RSN Stadium". Rithy Samnang is the president (owner) of the Khmer club Phnom Penh Crown Football Club. It is by far the most successful club in Cambodia with its 6 Cambodian championship titles and 2 Cambodia football cups, named the "Hun Sen Cup".

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  • How are PP Crown FC salaries?
  • How much can a soccer player earn in Cambodia?

Old names

  • Previous names Samart United (2001-2003)
  • Hello United (2004-2005)
  • Phnom Penh United (2006)
  • Phnom Penh Empire (2007-2008)

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History of the club

The club won the Cambodian Football Cup, the Hun Sen in 2008 and in 2009, its most beautiful trophies with the 6 Titles of Champion since its creation.

Foundation of Phnom Penh Crown FC

Founded in 2001

In 2001, the team was formed and called Samart United with Mr. Hok Sochetra as the coach. The team won Cambodian League Championship. In 2005, Samart changed the name to Hello United. The team got the second place in Cambodian League by play-off with Khemara and lose 0 – 3. The team changed name again to Phnom Penh United in 2006. The team hold the 2009 the team had been sponsor by Crown Casino, was called Phnom Penh Crown. The team was the champoin of Hun Sen Cup over Naga Corp 1 – 0 by Keo Sokngorn.

Third time, Phnom Penh Crown won the title Metfone Cambodian League in 2010. In 2011, the team was lead by Bojan Hodak, Croatian coach, for half of the season. After that David Booth, English coach, led the team and won the Cambodian League for the fourth time. At the begining of the Hun Sen Cup in 2013, Phnom Penh Crown got the new coach named Sam Schweingruber who is Swiss. The team won the third place of the Hunsen Cup same as Cambodian League by lost Svay Rieng 4 – 3. In 2014, Crown did not win the Hun Sen Cup at the quarter final with Build Bright United. The same year Crown won the fifth Metfone Cambodian Leauge over Naga Corp(Nagaworld).

Phnom Penh Crown 2016

A few days after Phnom Penh Crown held the Champion of Cambodian League 2015, Mr. Sam who is the head coach of PPCFC, had the traffic accident in Phnom Penh. He was in Calmet hospital in Phnom Penh, then transfer to Bangkok, Thailand. New Season 2016, Mr. Oriol Mohedano will be a coach of the team until Mr. Sam is recovered back to work. After 4 matches of Cambodian League, Mr. Oriol Mehedano ends the contract as the head coach with Phnom Penh Crown while Mr. Sam is back to be the head coach of the team.

Reward of Hun Sen Cup 2016

For this season, Phnom Penh Crown is 3rd place. The team gets 20 millions Riel. Crown also has Fair Play team that get 5 millions Riel as an award.

Phnom Penh Crown 2015

The new season 2015, PPCF has finished his own stadium called RSN Stadium.

In the table standing of Khmer league 1, PPCFC is on the top 2 of Cambodian League 2015. Phnom Penhc Crown is the Champion of Metfone Cambodian League 2015. PPCFC win over Nagaworld by Penalty 3-2. He get 60,000,000 Riel. The youth goalkeeper Keo Soksela gets the best goalkeeper award of the league.

Colors and logo


 Red and white


The colors of the Phnom Penh Crown logo are red and white. Its logo features an Asian red lion in its center on a white background, a red and white balloon wearing a red crown, the full club name is written in Khmer and English respectively on the left and right. PPCFC, the abbreviated name of the club is written in the center of the logo at its lowest level. The club declares that the logo emblem, the Asiatic Red Lion represents pride and unity, and the strength of a unified team. It's not so far from Belgium's motto: "The Union is strength"


One of the most beautiful stadiums in Cambodia

Since 2015, the year the stadium was built, it is One of the most beautiful stadiums in the Cambodian football league. The Smart RSN Stadium, sponsor name, Smart, with a natural grass surface has a capacity of 5000 seats.

Full stadium address

Address: Group 13, Sangkat Toul Sangke, 12104 Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


National Competitions

Cambodian Premier League 2002 - 2021

Hun Sen Cup 2007 - 2021

Asian Competitions


2014 Mekong Club Championship Semi-finals: Vietnam Becamex Bình Dương 5-2 PPCFC. 3rd place play-off Laos Hoang Anh Attapeu win 0-2


2017 AFC Cup Play-off round Singapore Home United. Score at home 3-4 and score away 3-0. Aggregate 3-7

AFC President's Cup Runners-Up in 2011

Top scorers Phnom Penh Crown FC

Names, Nationalities, number of goals

List of TOP 5 of Top scorers of the Cambodia football Premier League. Updated on 05/22/2021 at 8:00 p.m.

  • Rafael Andres Nieto Rondon, Colombia, 4 goals
  • Orn Chanpolin, Cambodia, 2 goals
  • Valeriy Hryshyn, Ukraine, 2 goals
  • Yudai Ogawa, Japan, 2 goal
  • Boris Kok, Cambodia, 1 goal

Complete list of goal scorers Phnom Penh Crown FC

Names, Nationalities, number of goals

List of scorers of the Cambodia football Premier League. Updated on 05/22/2021 at 8:00 p.m.

  • Brak Thiva, Cambodia, 1 goal
  • Takaki Ose, Japan, 1 goal

List of foreign players

  • Matheus Souza, Brazil, PP Crown FC
  • Rafael Andres Nieto Rondon, Colombia, PP Crown FC
  • Valeriy Hryshyn, Ukraine, PP Crown FC
  • Yudai Ogawa, Japan, PP Crown FC
  • Takaki Ose, Japan, PP Crown FC


  • Oleg Starynskyi, Ukraine, PP Crown FC

Head coaches

Listing of all Head coaches since the start: Name, Nationality, Period and Honours

  • Apisit Im Amphai, Thailand, season ?–2011. 2010 Cambodian League winner
  • Bojan Hodak, Croatia, season 2011. 2011. AFC President's Cup runner-up
  • Dave Booth, England, season 2011–2012. 2011 AFC President's Cup runner-up, 2011 Cambodian League winner, 2012 AFC President's Cup final round
  • Sam Schweingruber, Switzerland, season 2012–2016. 2014 Cambodian League winner, 2015 Cambodian League winner
  • Oriol Mohedano, Spain, season 2016
  • Sam Schweingruber (Interim), Switzerland, season 2016. 2016 Hun Sen Cup 3rd place
  • Oleg Starynskyi, Ukraine, season 2016–2017. 2017 AFC Cup play-off round
  • Sean Sainsbury, England, season 2017–2018
  • Leonardo Vitorino, Brazil, season 2018–2019
  • Sum Vanna, Cambodia, season 2019–2020. 2019 Hun Sen Cup 3rd place, 2020 C-League 3rd place
  • Oleg Starynskyi, Ukraine, season 2020– until now

The club's benchmark player

Boris Kok, the French-born Cambodian footballer, is the oldest player in the club and still active

Football Academy

PPCFC Academy U18 which play in Asia Champions Trophy 2015

Youth teams

Phnom Penh Crown FC started its development program for young footballers in 2011. The Khmer club is launching youth and women's teams from U13 to U19, PPC FC founded in 2017 a new competition named until 2019, the Aeon Youth League, mainly sponsored by the well-known Japanese company in Asia, AEON (company). The league changes its name in 2020 to become the Smart Youth League, name in relation to its new sponsor Smart Axiata.

PPCFC's youth program to bear fruit, the Academy has successfully trained many Cambodia national team players, no less than 13 team players for the 2019 youth championship season AFF U-22 come from his football academy.

In 2020, Phnom Penh Crown academy's up-and-coming team, PPC FC U21, under the tutelage of former star captain Ouk Sothy, make their C-league 2 debuts.

Training center

Address Training center : Group 13, Sangkat Toul Sangke, 12104 Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


  • 6 Titles of Champion in Cambodian Premier League: 2002 (as Samart United), 2008 (as Phnom Penh Empire), 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015
  • 2 Cambodian Cup: Hun Sen Cup: 2008 (as Phnom Penh Empire), 2009
  • AFC President's Cup Runners-Up in 2011


How are Phnom Penh Crown's salaries? How much can a soccer player earn in Cambodia?

In Cambodian League 1, football clubs are all professional clubs. The salaries are 2 to 10 times the average monthly income per capita (+ - $120), depending on the level of players and clubs. Just look at Phnom Penh Crown's squad to notice that his first team is made up of names of well-known players, or even stars at the national level. This necessarily implies higher wages. We can estimate, but we cannot say that the monthly wages are between 500 and $1200.


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  • FBT
  • Pi Pay
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  • 855play
  • Pocari Sweat

Facebook website

Links from the official website and the official page of the social network Facebook



the Stadium

Smart RSN Stadium

Group 13, Sangkat Toul Sangke, 12104 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Type of field : Grass

Capacity : 5000

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