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Choose according to your wishes among the multitude of matches and competition seasons J2 League, one of the free links to watch the match live streaming of the day on, watch without having to pay a penny, the summaries and the live line-ups of the teams to know the list of players on the score sheet for that day.

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Discover on the link of the menu "next live matches" the list of the next ten competitive matches J2 League for the current season, the dates and times of the matches, the names of the clubs or football teams playing soon. Click on one of the free links to watch the match of your choice live, consult the match summaries as well as the lineups of the two teams to see the squad of players present on the match sheet for that day.

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On the link in the "calendar and results" menu, find all the competition matches J2 League for the current season, click on one of the titles such as "Regular Season 1" (first day of the championship) for the championships or "Semi-finals" (semi-final phase) for the cups, then on one of the live match links, to be able to consult the match summaries as well as the team compositions.

J2 League Ranking

Follow on the link in the "Ranking" menu all the positions of the competing national teams or football clubs J2 League for the current season. Football clubs or national teams are ranked by number of points.


# 1 73 Points
Yokohama FC Yokohama FC
# 2 69 Points
Albirex Niigata FC Albirex Niigata FC
# 3 65 Points
Fagiano Okayama FC Fagiano Okayama FC
# 4 57 Points
JEF United FC JEF United FC
# 5 56 Points
Tokyo Verdy FC Tokyo Verdy FC
# 6 55 Points
Tokushima Vortis FC Tokushima Vortis FC
# 7 54 Points
Montedio Yamagata FC Montedio Yamagata FC
# 8 53 Points
Oita Trinita FC Oita Trinita FC
# 9 48 Points
V-Varen Nagasaki FC V-Varen Nagasaki FC
# 10 47 Points
Vegalta Sendai FC Vegalta Sendai FC
# 11 46 Points
FC Mito Holly Hock FC Mito Holly Hock
# 12 42 Points
Zweigen Kanazawa FC Zweigen Kanazawa FC
# 13 41 Points
Renofa Yamaguchi FC Renofa Yamaguchi FC
# 14 40 Points
FC Machida Zelvia FC Machida Zelvia
# 15 40 Points
Tochigi SC Tochigi SC
# 16 39 Points
Ventforet Kofu FC Ventforet Kofu FC
# 17 39 Points
Omiya Ardija FC Omiya Ardija FC
# 18 33 Points
Thespakusatsu Gunma FC Thespakusatsu Gunma FC
# 19 28 Points
FC Ryukyu FC Ryukyu