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CNCC Cambodian League Cup 2021

CNCC Cambodian League Cup

CNCC League Cup Cambodia 2021

Cambodia League Cup 2021

The CNCC League Cup 2021 or its more international name, the "CNCC Cambodia League Cup 2021", is the first edition. The League Cup, a football competition administered by the Cambodia Football Federation FFC, constitutes the highest level of football competition in Cambodia with the Cambodia Football Cup. It brings together the 8 Professional football teams of Cambodian clubs to play with each other home/away in the groups stage. The season 2021 is played from 05 June to the final is 27 June 2021.

The Raising Club of the season

Prey Veng FC (Season 2021)

Competition level

The CNCC League Cup is more like the substitute of a friendly match.

Participation of the competition

The club participant to League Cup 2021 are from:

Cambodian League 1 Season 2021: Visakha FC, Phnom Penh Crown FC, Boeungket FC, Preah Kan Reach Svayreing FC, National Defense FC, Prey Veng FC, National Sport Academy FC.

Cambodian League 2 Season 2021: ISI Dangkor Senchey FC.

Regulations for foreign players

How many foreign players can play per team?

List of foreign players playing in League Cup. The Cambodian D1 championship limits the number of foreign players per team and per match. Only 4 foreign players (3 + 1 player from the AFC region) can play at the same time in the same club team. Which gives us a maximum of 8 foreign players playing in a match. Cambodian clubs can recruit a maximum of 5 foreign players per first team.

This policy aims to encourage countries to develop their national talents, to invest in football academies, youth training centers, instead of buying expensive foreign players.

The Cup names

What are the other names given to the Cambodia League Cup?

  • CNCC Cambodia League Cup 2021
  • Cambodian League Cup 2021
  • CNCC League Cup 2021
  • League Cup 2021
  • League Cup - by Forward 2021

The Cancellation

CNCC League Cup 2021 plays during the time that Covid-19 pandemic is attacking Cambodia seriously that made some club scare to participant, with the clubs already registered have to cancel their matches for the reason their staffs or players involve in some risk. The clubs that couldn't make it to their last matches of the calendars are:

List of the 8 clubs in the League Cup

Club name, province

  • Phnom Penh Crown FC, Phnom Penh
  • BoeungKet FC, Phnom Penh
  • Preah Kan Reach Svayreing FC, Svayreing
  • Visakha FC, Phnom Penh
  • National Defense FC (Tiffy Army FC), Phnom Penh
  • Prey Veng FC, Prey Veng
  • National Sport Academy FC, Takeo (only team without a foreign player)
  • ISI Dangkor Senchey FC, Phnom Penh Province


Travel between stadiums

The distance of travel between the various stadiums in Cambodia remains a major obstacle to the development of clubs in the kingdom. The consequent budget and the duration of the journeys, due in part to unsuitable road infrastructure, currently in full renovation, prevents the creation of a greater number of football clubs in the various provinces of Cambodia.

Full stadium addresses

List of 13 Cambodian football D1 stadiums, addresses, distance from Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium (PP) in KM, as well as approximate travel time.

  • Smart RSN Stadium (Phnom Penh Crown FC): Group 13, Sangkat Toul Sangke, 12104 Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Distance PP-RSN Stadium: 7 km + - 20 minutes.
  • Cambodia Airways Stadium (Boeung Ket FC): National Road 1, Phum Boeung Chhouk, Sangkat Niroth, 12357 Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Distance PP-Cambodia Airways Stadium: 8 km + - 20 minutes.
  • RCAF Old Stadium (National Defense FC): Oknha Kleang Moeung St. (70), 12201 Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Distance PP-RCAF Old Stadium: 4 km + - 11 minutes.
  • Prince Stadium (Visakha FC): # 0663, st.307, Phum khmounh, Sangkat khmounh, khan Sen Sok Phnom Penh, 12103, Cambodia. Distance PP-Prince Stadium: 10 km + - 30 minutes.
  • KMH Stadium (ISI Dangkor Senchey FC): Veng Sreng Street, Trapaing Thloeng village, Sangkat Chom Chao, Khan Posenchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Distance PP-RCAF Old Stadium: 4 km + - 11 minutes.
  • Svay Rieng Stadium (Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC): Sangkat Svay Reang, Krong Svay Rieng, 200701 Svay Rieng, Cambodia. Distance PP-Svay Rieng Stadium: 126 km + - 3 hours.
  • Prey Veng Stadium (Prey Veng FC): Sangkat Kampong Leav, Krong Prey Veng, 141303 Prey Veng, Cambodia. Distance PP-Prey Veng Stadium: 95 km + - 2.5 hours.
  • SRU Stadium (Angkor Tiger FC): HunSen Krovoat Krong St, Phum Svay Dangkum, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, 17252 Siem Reap, Cambodia. Distance PP-SRU Stadium: 320 km + - 6 hours.

CNCC League Cup players

Men of the matches

Iconic footballers

Week 1: Prak Thiva, Cambodia, Number 19 of Phnom Penh crown FC

Week 1: Yuta Kikuchi, Japan, Number 13 of national defense FC.

Week 2: Power Seon Fabian Errol, Trinidad and Tobago, Number 34 of Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC.

Top scorers

List of scorers of Cambodian League Cup scorers in the Cambodian football championship. Updated on 17/06/2021 at 1:00 p.m.

  • #48 Chou Sity, Cambodia, 1 goal, Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC
  • #13 Yuta Kikuchi, Cambodia, 1 goal, National defense FC
  • #9 Valerii Hryshyn, Cambodia, 1 goal, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • #3 Ose Takaki, Cambodia, 1 goal, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • #73 Choun Chanchav, Cambodia, 1 goal, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • #33 Matheus Souza E Silva, Cambodia, 1 goal, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • #19 Prak Thiva, Cambodia, 1 goal, Phnom Penh Crown FC

List of foreign players




TOP Nationalities

Nationalities of the most numerous footballers:

  • Japan (AFC): Japanese players
  • Brazil: Brazilian players
  • Cameroon: Cameroonian players
  • Nigeria: Nigerian players
  • South Africa: South African players
  • Spain: 
  • Serbian:
  • Ivory Coast: 
  • Colombia
  • Moldova
  • Afghanistan
  • England
  • Uzbekistan
  • Trinidad and Tobago

Complete list of CNCC League Cup foreign footballers:

  • Matheus Souza, Brazil, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • Rafael Andres Nieto Rondon, Colombia, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • Valeriy Hryshyn, Ukraine, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • Yudai Ogawa, Japan, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • Takaki Ose, Japan, Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • Anderson Zogbe, Ivory Coast, Boeung Ket FC
  • Mothusi Gopane, South Africa, Boeung Ket FC
  • Marko Rajković, Serbian, Boeung Ket FC
  • Kenta Yamazaki, Japan, Boeung Ket FC
  • Hikaru Mizuno, Japan, Boeung Ket FC
  • Marques Marcio de Oliveira, Brazil, Nagaworld FC
  • Manuel Herrera López (Súper), Spain, Nagaworld FC
  • Petru Leucă, Moldova, Nagaworld FC
  • Fumiya Kogure, Japan, Nagaworld FC
  • Ajayi Opeyemi Korede, Nigeria, Visakha FC
  • Mohammed Faeez Khan, South Africa, Visakha FC
  • Marcus Warren Haber, Canada, Visakha FC
  • Charles William Hew Machell, England, Visakha FC
  • Mustafa Zazai, Afghanistan, Visakha FC
  • Cristiano Marcolino Santos, Brazil, Tiffy Army FC
  • Romário Reginaldo Alves, Brazil, Tiffy Army FC
  • Dzarma Bata, Nigeria, Tiffy Army FC
  • Rio Sakuma, Japan, Tiffy Army FC
  • Yuta Kikuchi, Japan, Tiffy Army FC
  • Takumu Nishihara, Japan, Tiffy Army FC
  • Miguel Ángel Junco Martínez, Spain, Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC
  • Thiago de Jesus dos Santos, Brazil, Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC
  • Jean Marie Privat Befolo Mbarga, Cameroon, Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC
  • Robert Waly Lopez Mendy, Senegal, Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC
  • Daisuke Kobayashi, Japan, Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC
  • Patrick Barrett, Ireland, Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC
  • Seon Power, Trinidad and Tobago, Prey Veng FC
  • Alisher Mirzaev, Uzbekistan, Prey Veng FC


List of the 8 championship coaches

  • Thongchai Rungreangleas, Thailand, season 2021, Prey Veng FC
  • Conor Nestor, Ireland, season 2021,Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng FC<
  • John Botioba, season 2021, ISI Dangkor Senchey FC
  • Oleg Starynskyi, Ukraine, season 2021,Phnom Penh Crown FC
  • Colum Curtis, England, season 2021, Visakha FC
  • Hor Sokheng, Cambodia, season 2021, National Defense Ministry FC
  • Kim Pheakdey, Cambodia, season 2021, Boeung Ket Angkor FC

Annual awards

List of annual awards received for this competition

Prize money in USD and Riel

Champion : riel.

Runner-up: riels.

Third place: riels.

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The media

Media coverage: CNCC, BTV Cambodia, AMS Sports, Troyong -​ ត្រយង


Main Sponsor

In 2021, it has been officially named "League Cup - By Forward", named after its main sponsor, the Forward Sportswear that is a main sportswear sponsors of the Cambodian national football team.

Cambodian League Cup Group A

# 1 Points
Boeung Ket Boeung Ket
# 2 Points
Visakha FC Visakha FC
# 3 Points
PP Crown FC PP Crown FC
# 4 Points
ISI Dangkor Senchey FC ISI Dangkor Senchey FC

Cambodian League Cup Group B

# 1 Points
# 2 Points
Preah Khan Reach Preah Khan Reach
# 3 Points
Sports Academy Sports Academy
# 4 Points
Prey Veng FC Prey Veng FC