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Let's share our forecasts for a better vision of football

Let's share our forecasts for a better vision of football
Let's share our forecasts for a better vision of football

Cambodianfootball, partner of, extends your enjoyment of Cambodian and foreign football

We all have the same reflex when approaching a football match that is close to our hearts: we are trying to play the prediction game. By comparing the forces involved, we try to determine who will be the winner of the competition. What if you share your thoughts?

Of course, there will always be the 'supporter' effect and, even if you know that your football team has no chance, you will always want to say that, rather, football remains a sport where eleven men play against eleven other men, no matter what forces are involved. It’s also what makes you love one team more than another.

The football prediction game

Football fans, relentless supporters or occasional spectators of major international football competitions, we all have our opinion on the outcome of a match. We think we know who is going to win this or that confrontation, this impression being able to be based as much on the analysis of statistics as on an intuition. This is called forecasting and it often spices up the way we watch a football game.

Share your football predictions

In order to be able to make a consistent prediction, it is also important that as many football fans as possible share their opinions on different matches. This will allow others to better estimate whether their own intuitions are possible or not. Both can then reconsider their position or, rather , reaffirm it loud and clear. Better still, thanks to a website like, you can even "officialize" some predictions and help as many people as possible to form an opinion.