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The definitive guide of Cambodian and foreign football

The definitive guide of Cambodian and foreign football
The definitive guide of Cambodian and foreign football

Follow the Cambodianfootball guide, and we will introduce you to every aspect of the game, both in Cambodia and abroad

Football is a vast and complex sport, too much knowledge for one person to hold. This is why we will be putting together pages on players, teams, coaches and diverse chapters covering every department of the game. To this end we would like you to be involved in the creation of the encyclopedia of Cambodian and foreign football, and together we can make it the biggest online football encyclopedia of our time.

The rules of football

To fully appreciate any sport, you need to understand the rules. Yes, we know the aim of the game is to score a goal in the opposing team’s net, but there are many rules to follow to get there. Football rules can sound complex, but we are aiming to make a simple “guide for dummies” explaining in easily understandable terms everything that you need to know to follow the game.

An international football guides

Cambodianfootball aims to bring to you a comprehensive coverage of Cambodian football. But we presume that your passion for the game extends beyond the Cambodian border, into the vast international world of football. Therefore, we will be devoting different sections to each continental football association, and each country with a football league. You will develop a knowledge of the many football competitions that are played across the globe.

A help tool for your predictions

Having access to all the statistics and data that we have at Cambodianfootball in our encyclopedia of Cambodian and foreign football will help you to make accurate score predictions. Don’t rely on guesswork for your predictions, you may find the answer to your needs in our pages.

Answers to your questions

Do you have a question about Cambodian or foreign football ? If you do you it is very likely that you will find the answer is already in the pages of Cambodianfootball your football encyclopedia. And if it isn’t maybe you would like to research the answer and afterwards fill in the missing information in your football encyclopedia. As in football, the encyclopedia is all about participation. Here are some sample questions: