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Where to learn football as a professional player in Cambodia ?

How can I become a professional football player?

This question is start to be in mind of young generation while the football in Cambodia is developing. As the season ends (end of the year) football club open for player to have a test in their club, as it’s the time for professional player transfer as well. If you feel that you can play football, contact the club you would like to play for before the new season starts. Many clubs of league 1 and League 2 Cambodia now start to build their team from young, so it’s a good opportunity to kids who want to learn from a real coach and have a professional training.
There are some facts about being Cambodian professional football player:

How old you are?

As we mention above, a football player need time and physical strength. It’s unlike the other career, if you cannot run, you cannot play. If you start to play in the young age, it will be easier and your career is lasting longer. Therefore, an old player, can become a coach, trainer, manager and technical officer.

Time for Football

How much time do you have for training football is very important. Football players need to train as a team, need to train to strengthen the body, need to follow all the match schedule, need to travel around country and even over sea. So, to be a professional football player, you have to dedicate your time, and physical strength.

Are you in Phnom Penh or the province?

Phnom Penh is the center of football clubs, you may find a club to play easier than the province. However, in some province there are also a football club. Some clubs have player dormitory for their players and staffs. Here are some professional football clubs in Cambodia in Phnom Penh and Provinces that may interest you:
Phnom Penh:
– Asia Euro United
– Phnom Penh Crown
– Western Phnom Penh
– Nagaworld
– Svay Rieng: Preah Khan Reach Svayrieng (Office in Phnom Penh)
– Siem Reap: Cambodian Tiger, Soltilo Angkor
– Takeo: Kirivong Sok Sen Chey

How much is the footballer’s salary?

As the other job, football is no different. Salary is defends on the experience and ability of performance. Difference club provides different salary base on their ranking and condition. If you’re talent, listen to your coach, develop your skill you may become a star and earn a name in the National team. As we know so far, a good player can earn about 500 USD per month, and plus if he’s a national team player.