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Coaches and Staff of football teams, in Cambodia and abroad

Too often, we only talk about coaches when a team does not meet the expected results. However, they are a key link in the chain that makes a team successful. And we are not only talking about the coaches and staffs of the big national teams, but also those who work for the success of a team, whatever its position, national, regional or local.

Are you looking for a specific coach or staff?

Our search engine helps you find the coach or staff of a team. There are lots of possibilities available to you.

Type the name of the trainer in the search engine. If it has already been inserted on our site, you will find the file concerning it. If this is not the case and you wish to participate in the enrichment of our encyclopedia of Cambodian and foreign football, do not hesitate to follow the instructions given below.

Type the name of the club on who he belongs to in the search engine. You will then be able to choose the team which interest you in particular and thus discover both the coach and all the members of the staff. Here again, if you consider the information provided incomplete, do not hesitate to become a Cambodianfootball correspondent by following the instructions below.

Type the name of a staff member directly into the search engine.

Participate in the development of a football encyclopedia

As a football enthusiast, you certainly follow the coaches and staff more assiduously so that you can fully live your passion. You are then the good member take part in the success of our Cambodianfootball.com project: to create the largest encyclopedia on Cambodian and foreign football, professional and amateur. If you wish, you can create profiles of coaches and staff members which we will then post on the website. To do this, simply visit the page dedicated to Cambodianfootball correspondents. You will find there all the information necessary to share with us your passion for football, but also to underline the involvement of such a coach or such a passionate football member of a staff.

Football coaches and staff meet on a common platform

Certainly, the Mourinho, Wenger, Guardiola, Klopp and other Keisuke Honda probably do not need Cambodianfootball to shine on the Web. But what about the hundreds of coaches and staff members who, every weekend, thrill the world of football, in Cambodia and abroad. With a file on cambodianfootball.com, he or she will benefit from greater visibility.

1xbet cambodia 2023 welcome bonus 100 usd on first deposit